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These are the pretty faces of America's most infamous serial killers. They are known all around the world for their horrible crimes and although you think these guys and girls are intense just wait untill you start reading about foreign serial killers , they make Ted bundy look like a fucking smurf. So enjoy these brief summaries and weird facts about these famous killers or skip to pages 3-10 for some gruesome and graphic biographies of people you didn't even WANT to know existed........Enjoy!!

Famous American Killers


Full name : Theodore Robert Bundy ( Born as Theodore Robert Cowell )

Born: 24th November 1946, Burlington, Vermont USA

Death: 24th January 1989 , Starke, Florida USA - Electric Chair

Confirmed Victim count: Confessed to the murder of 36 woman. But the evidence proved only matched 28 victims to his M.O

Killing spree: August 13, 1971 to –February 9, 1978 - There is small amounts of proof that he started much eariler but Bundy never admitted when he made his first kill.

M.O: Although Bundy gave no confession as to why he chose the woman he did, All of his victims bare a strong resemblence to his High school sweetheart, Stephanie Brooks. She broke up with him after her highschool graduation, and rekindled their relationship when he retured to California in 1973.

Stephanie was a light skinned girl with dark brown long hair that she wore down and tucked behind her ears. Bundy proposed to her in 1974 but two weeks after she accepted he broke up with her and refused to contact her, His rabid killing spree started later that month.

Facts about Ted bundy that you may not know:

*Bundy thought his mother was his sister untill found out in late high school. His grandmother had in fact raised him as her own.

*Nobody is really sure who is biological father is , since his mother has given two different stories about his conception.

*He showed violent tendencies as early as 3 years old. His aunt claims she woke up one day to find that the child had arranged knives around her body while she was asleep, she awoke to find Ted Smiling at her.

*As early as 6 years old Bundy had a sick fascination with knives, Taking lessions from his grandfather and mutilating neighborhood cats and dogs.

*He was a criminal before he left high school. Admitting to shoplifting and Voyeurism , peeping into womans bedrooms. He was arrested twice as a juvenile but the charges were never brought to trial.

*He majored in Psychology in University and graduated with a degree in 1972

*In 1978 Ted managed the presidential campaigne of Republican Nelson Rockerfeller, He was also being groomed into politics by fellow republican politicians already in office.

*Ted Bundy was the first killer to be labelled a "Serial Killer", the term had been created after Bundy had been to trial for 20+ murders all with the same M.o.

Ted Bundy was the worlds most prolific serial killer, his crimes shocked the nation . A charming , sucessful and very attractive man who had alot of friends and family. Was well known as a quiet but adored person with a grounded future in politics. Bundy also made the world clearly aware that killers don't always look like killers and they can be anyone.

His most disturbing quotes:

"We serial killers are your sons, your husbands, we are everywhere...and there will be more of your children dead tomorrow"

"You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body, your looking into their eyes, A person in that situation is God"

"Murder is not about lust , it's not about's about possession"

"I am the most cold-hearted , son-of-abitch you'll ever meet"

"I didn't know what made people want to be friends, I didn't know what made people attractive to each other, I didn't know what underlay social interactions"

"What's a few less people on the face on the earth anyway"

"I don't feel guilty about anything , I feel sorry for people who feel guilt"

" I just like to kill"

Full name : Gary Leon Ridgeway - titled the Green River Killer.

Born: February 18, 1949 Salt lake City , Utah , USA

Personal habits: Religios Fanatic, Rapist, Murderer.

Murder timeline: july 15, 1982-1998 confirmed, Could be as recent as 2001,

He was arrested and trialed for the murder of 4 woman on December 30th 2001. He then pleaded guilty to first degree murder of 48 woman.

Victim count: Convicted of 48, confessed to 71, Presumed to have killed more than 90

M.O: His victims were mostly woman, Either prostitutes or runaways looking for a place to stay. Easy targets.

Killing method: He would have sex with the woman, then strangle them from behind. usually with his hands but he often experimented with other things to heighten the experience. He would later dump the bodies in woodsy areas/rivers surrounding his home.

The first 5 victims were found in the green river, Hence his nickname.

Marriages: He was married 3 times, He had a child to his second wife, And his third marriage ended 3 years after he was sentenced to life in prison.

Family: Mother: Mary Rita Steinman , Father: Thomas Newton Ridgeway, Has two brothers

His mother was extremely domineering and cruel , gary was witnessed getting into heated arguments with his parents at very young ages. He often wet his bed because of it, His mother would find out and belittle him infront of his family. He had strong feelings of anger and sexual attraction to her in his early teens. Which lead to a strong resentment with woman who tried to control or dominate his life.

Childhood: His classmates of Tyee high school claimed he was a rather forgettable character. It wasn't untill he turned 16 that he started to delve deeper into his urges, By stabbing a 6 year old boy. The child survived and told police that when Gary attacked him, he walked away laughing saying" I've always wondered what it would feel like to kill someone". And left the boy for dead.

His official killing spree started on the 15th july 1982, And would soon be known as America's longest and most expensive manhunt. Ridgeway is in the world record books for having the most confirmed Victims in the united states. During this time he worked as a truck painter, for nearly 20 years he eluded the police and his family.

In April 1983, he drew attention to himself when his 1977 Black Ford F-150 was found where one of his victims was last seen. He was released soon after evidence failed to nail him. In the same timeframe, Notorius Ted bundy and Criminal investigator Bob Keppel Collaborated and published a book called " The Riverman". Bundy had used his own insight and knowlege about serial killers to try and profile the psyche of the green river killer. But in May 1984 Ridgeway was once again a suspect, And was able to pass a polygraph test to prove his innocence. In April 1987 His house was searched but insufficient evidence was found. And in september 2001 Detective Reichert ( A new person on the case) asked for a reassesment of the case, And they used the DNA samples they took from him the previous year to match him to 4 of his victims. He was arrested later that month in washington, And although he avoided the death penalty he was sentenced to 48 life sentences without the possibilty of parole.


“"There were a few women that for some reason I didn’t kill, but they were few and far between.".

"“Choking is what I did and I was pretty good at it".”

“"In most cases, when I killed these women, I did not know their names …Most of the time I killed them the first time I met them, and I do not have a good memory of their faces".”

“"I picked prostitutes as my victims because I hate prostitutes and I did not want to pay them for sex".”

“"I would talk to her … and get her mind off of the, uh, anything she was nervous about. And think, you know, she thinks, ‘Oh, this guy cares,’ and which I, I didn’t. I just want to uh get her in the vehicle and eventually kill her".”

"My wives had no idea about what I was doing, In fact I used to take my second wife to the same place I killed and dumped many of those prostitutes, We would have sex there.. "


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